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WikiTrust v4.0.pre2 released

posted Oct 30, 2009, 2:41 PM by Luca de Alfaro   [ updated Oct 30, 2009, 3:31 PM ]
We have just released WikiTrust v4.0.pre2.  This version is faster by a factor of 2, and contains many bug-fixes.  The speed-up is particularly evident in the batch mode, where disk speed is not a bottleneck.  We recommend the upgrade to all users.

Note that you will have to re-create the wikitrust mysql tables after the update.  To this end, you need to do:

$ cd WikiTrust/sql
$ ./create_db.php "path_to_mediawiki" "mysql_root_user_name" remove
$ ./create_db.php "path_to_mediawiki" "mysql_root_user_name"

After this, you need to re-analyze the past version of the wiki, with the command:

$ analysis/eval_online_wiki -db_user <username> -db_pass <pwd> -db_name <db_name>

We apologize for this inconvenience... we hope that this is one of the last changes to the wikitrust database tables that we will have to do for some time (never say never!).


Version v4.0pre1 is a major redesign. We have completely overhauled the storage of trust-annotated revisons, reducing disk traffic and storage requirements by one order of magnitude. The WikiTrust information, on a running server (not compressed for backup) for the whole Portuguese Wikipedia now takes only 54GB; for the Italian Wikipedia, only 114 GB. Finally, the analysis of very large wikis is easy to do!

The one drawback is that, by overhauling the storage scheme, we have broken backward compatibility with the database. Thus, you will need to re-create the database and re-run the analysis (see the README file). In any case, this should not be too much of a problem, since the new code is quite a bit faster than the old one.